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Puerto Escondido, on the “Costa Esmeralda” (Emerald Coast) of Oaxaca, became world-famous for being home to one of the biggest and most challenging surf waves in the world. What many people don’t know is that Puerto is also home to an innumerable amount of precious, unpopulated beaches, lagoons and rivers just waiting to be explored. The town still feels “off the beaten track” as there’s no direct international flights that land there – so you won’t find any big box stores, fast-food chains or resort hotels here. 

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What you will find?

Super friendly people, a lot of adventure, a sense of peace and connection to the land and ocean, delicious locally-grown food, and more!


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The Casa Naia villa is located directly in front of the beach in a private, quiet and prestigious residential area, just a few kilometers outside of Puerto Escondido. You will fall asleep to the sound of the waves and wake up and within a few steps can be at the beach feeling the sun on your face. You will be soothed by the gentle breeze on the many patios or find shade in one of the many hammocks under the coconut grove. The villa offers a variety of accommodations from King suites with private bathrooms and verandas, to Queens that can be comfortably shared with friends, to Shared Suites that sleep 3-4 people slumber party style. 

The villa is a 10 minute drive from Puerto Escondido, a fishing village that is also home to one of the world’s most famous surf breaks. The story goes that Puerto Escondido (Hidden Port) was first called Bahia de la Escondida (Bay of the Hidden Woman) because a female slave escaped her captors ship by swimming ashore and finding refuge in the wild jungle shores. You too can find respite in this tropical paradise, allowing “La Madre Tierra” nurture you with an abundance of fresh locally grown food, clean air, natural beauty and la vida tranquila that coastal life has to offer.


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We will create a space for you to/encourage you to: 

✦ Set clear intentions for your health (mental, spiritual and physical) and wellbeing

✦ Develop a deeper awareness around self-care that works for YOU

✦ Discover new ways to move and feel amazing and confident in your body

✦ Engage in equal parts laughter/play and stillness/deep relaxation

✦ Experience an adventure with an incredible group of peers who will support you to step out of your comfort and try new things

✦ Leave Mexico feeling reconnected (to yourself), more confident, and with an incredible new community of friends


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✦ 4 nights accommodation, private or shared options available

✦ Wholesome, gourmet meals made with locally sourced ingredients (vegan/vegetarian with fish and seafood options available)

✦ Daily rituals, yoga and movement classes (yoga mats and props included)

✦ Daily group sessions and coaching

✦ Excursions and adventures to local hotspots

✦ Connection, community, and memories to last a lifetime

✦ Airport transfers and local transportation (flights not included)


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Erin [she/her] is a Transformational Leadership Coach, Social Psychologist, and Gender Binary-Breaker. She helps people uncover and rewrite the bullshit rules they are blindly following – rules that family, society, or culture dictates – so that they can create a life aligned with their deepest desires and most authentic self.  She brings a deep knowledge of psychology, neuroscience, and neuro-transformational coaching, as well as her own experience of psychological and physical transformation to her work.

Until a few years ago, Erin would have said she was “not a retreat” person, but she also knew that until she went to a retreat, she couldn’t claim that. Her first retreat experience in Puerto transformed her mind, spirit, and body in ways she didn’t know was possible. Since then, she has been back to Puerto several times and looks forward to sharing the beauty, safety, and inclusivity of the area with a new group of humans.

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Caitlin (she/her) has been visiting Puerto Escondido since she was 5 years old and finally settled there full time 8 years ago. She brings a deep knowledge and love for the local culture, culinary offerings and lifestyle. 

As the founder of Redefining Sobriety, Caitlin supports her clients and community to redefine their relationship to themselves, their bodies and their relationship to alcohol, drugs and other numbing substances and behaviors. 

Combining her background in holistic health, nutrition, neuro-transformational coaching, behavioral psychology, fitness and dance – Caitlin will create embodiment experiences and facilitate group workshops that will take you deep to release old stories that are keeping you stuck, support you to feel more aligned and connected to your body, your sexuality and your joy.

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SHARED $1050 | QUEEN $1290 | KING $1410

QUEEN $1096 | KING $1200

We have flexible payment plans available, please contact us for more details and reserve your spot today!
*This unique experience is limited to an intimate group of 10-12 participants.


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Ummmm, have you read everything above describing all of the awesomeness that is included in this retreat and that Caitlin and Erin have to offer? 

Ok but seriously – we ALL need this. There are very few opportunities for queer folks to come together and to explore a new part of the world while feeling completely safe and supported. We recognized that this is something really important for both of US so why not create the dream retreat we always wanted to attend?!

We can guarantee that Puerto Escondido is safe and welcoming. Caitlin has been coming to Puerto her whole life, and  dated openly here and lived here with her wife. Two of her favourite moments last year were watching two male friends dancing salsa together in one “straight venue” (and were received with a round of applause) and a group of queer “prepa” graduates (19-20 year olds) celebrating together at another “straight” venue and dominating the dance floor – while the regular patrons cheered everyone on and respectfully gave space for this group of celebrants. Erin has experienced some of her biggest breakthroughs and “firsts” in connecting with her new masculine chest during visits to Puerto Escondido. On her last visit, she wore revealing tanktops all over town and did not even realize until afterward that she hadn’t even thought twice about doing so. 

The owners and staff of Casa Naia are super supportive of our mission and vision for Queer Retreats and looking forward to welcoming our community. If you have any questions about safety, please contact us, we’re happy to answer any questions.

Will there be alcohol available during this wellness experience?
Alcohol will not be served at Casa Naia nor included in any of the group meals eaten off premise.  If you would like to purchase your own alcoholic beverages while off-site you are welcome to do so.

What should I bring? How should I prepare?
Once you have confirmed your participation and your first payment has been made, we will send you a recommended packing list and the welcome questionnaire to cover things like food preferences, medical considerations, etc.

How do I reserve my spot and are payment plans available?
We require a minimum payment of one-third of the total cost to hold your spot. In order to secure your spot at the early bird discount, we require the first payment to be made before the early bird deadline. Payment plans are available at a slightly increased amount (3%) to cover additional admin. We can offer you a payment plan of equal payments divided by as many months are remaining until the retreat from the time you register, as long as the final payment is made before the retreat.

Are the facilitated group workshops, discussions, and excursions mandatory?
The group workshops and discussions are not mandatory, however, they are encouraged. The entire week has been mapped out to give you a holistic and transformative experience. Part of this journey is what we will cover during the dialogue and workshop portion of the retreat.

The group excursions are optional. If you would prefer to stay and rest during this time, you are welcome to do so. We only ask that if you decide to leave the premise during this time that you inform someone of your whereabouts so that we can keep track of everyone!

What if I want to do additional activities, like surfing?
There will be plenty of time to try additional activities during our scheduled longer breaks and during some of the excursions. For example, if you think you would like to try surfing, we can arrange for a teacher to come and teach classes on the beach in front of Casa Naia. We will be sending out a pre-retreat questionnaire and you will have the opportunity to let us know which additional activities you are considering. You can also decide once you arrive.

What if I want to stay longer?
You are welcome to! Casa Naia will not be available however we can help you find other accommodation options within Puerto Escondido.

Is it refundable?
There will be no refunds however your ticket can be transferable.

VIP DAY: We only have 6 spots available for this incredible opportunity. This is an experience that is completely unique to YOU and customized to your needs and what you want to continue to work on and integrate after the retreat. Experience the combined transformational power of two master coaches for a fraction of the price of our private coaching.  $300 first come first serve. This includes an additional night of accommodation, all of your meals and special surprises just for you! Contact us asap for more details to reserve your spot.