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Erin is a Transformational Leadership Coach, Social Psychologist, and Gender Binary-Breaker. She helps people uncover and rewrite the bullshit rules they are blindly following – rules that family, society, or culture dictates – so that they can create a life aligned with their deepest desires and most authentic self.  She brings a deep knowledge of psychology, neuroscience, and neuro-transformational coaching, as well as her own experience of psychological and physical transformation to her work.

Since coming out in college, Erin has been a facilitator, teacher, community-builder, and activist in multiple queer communities. She led several groups and workshops at University of Michigan and at the San Diego LGBT Center (e.g., coming out support group, rethinking gender, a women’s discussion group), cofounded Outgrad, an associate of LGBTQIA graduate students at the University of Texas, and successfully advocated for building an all-gender restroom at one of Microsoft’s San Francisco offices.

Erin lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her wife Meryl, and two fuzzballs, a beagle mix named Harper and a tabby cat named Lou.

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As the founder of Redefining Sobriety, Caitlin supports her clients and community to redefine their relationship to themselves, their bodies and to alcohol, drugs and other numbing substances and behaviours. She draws from a background in psychology, neuro-transformation, holistic health coaching and years of advocacy related to promoting health and reducing harms.

Caitlin's work as an activist, facilitator and change-maker started in her teens as a youth advocate and sexuality educator, when she was hired at age 17 to travel around the provide leading interactive diversity and inclusion workshops. At age 19, she was hired as a provincial coordinator for Youth CO AIDS Society (Canada's only youth-driven HIV/AIDS awareness and support organization). She then hired as the City of Vancouver's first Youth Advocate Mentor, creating a link between children/youth and municipal policy and then founded Crystal Clear (a youth-led program for young methamphetamine users) and Youth RISE (the first and only international youth-led harm reduction network) which led to working internationally in global health policy, drug policy reform and human rights.

Caitlin has been visiting Puerto Escondido since she was 5 years old and finally settled there full time 8 years ago. She shares a home with her daughter Luna Azul and two turtles, Laura and Lupita.